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I have tried to find out whether or not the asuswrt merlin firrmware/addons supports multiple LANs/VLANs. No luck so far!
I want to be able to define a number of subnets and map them to LAN ports and WLANs.

Does anybody know? Or point me to the section in the documentation were it is described?

Thanks in advance


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Can you remove the "Tutorial" prefix from your header as you're not publishing a tutorial.

The base Merlin firmware doesn't support multiple subnets or VLANs (at all). There is an addon script called YazFi which does something like that for WiFi networks. There are some hackish scripts that attempt something similar for LAN ports but they vary depending on the exact router model you have.


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As @ColinTaylor said, Merlin has no support for user-defined VLANs, bridges, etc. That's simply NOT part of the design objectives for the firmware. There are all kinds of "hackish" solutions floating around, including my own.

Provided your router supports it, FreshTomato (preferred) and DD-WRT offer better options since they *are* designed for such purposes. But unfortunately they typically do NOT support AX routers, only AC and older.

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