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Hi. Dug around and have failed in my attempts. My set up.
Internet< ->ER-4 < -> Archer 5400x
The Archer works fine as an access point but it disables a bunch of features. So I want to enable as a separate network so I can use some of its features ( parental control, trend micro scan , etc). Before I list out all my failed attempts, is there some guidance or articles you all can share ? Thank you. Chris


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No need to do that, your TP-Link router already has a firewall. If you want to use the firmware features available, the Archer has to be in router mode. Bridge your modem (whatever you have there, the ISP equipment), connect the Archer to it, remove the ER-4. No need to run the Archer in double NAT behind ER-4. This ER-4 does nothing.

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