Multiple usb drives via USB 3 hub on AC68U

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Kanchan Ray

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Hi - I am trying to attach a USB 3 hub and 3 drives on AC68U. It just mounts 1 of the 3 drives and the other 2 stays unmounted. I have checked the drive etc. Also - they same hub when connected to a AC5300 - all 3 work well. Is there any way to mount multiple USB drives on a AC68U? Thanks,
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You will just need to try another USB hub with a different chipset inside.

Is this a powered USB hub? If not, those are the models to try next.


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The RT-AC5300 is newer than the RT-AC68U (late 2013 vs. early 2016), so the fact that it works on it isn't too surprising. But the older router with the correspondingly older chipset may have limitations.

One may be the fact that your link shows 'Mac' compatible.

I say maybe try another (more standard) USB hub (this is quite different than what is described in the title).

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