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Did you turn that thing on? I had a power surge few minutes ago 1000km South of you. :oops:


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I recommend Prime95 for the cold winter days.
Briefly, but i needed a vga cable from work, cba taking the hd out to install off another pc.

Thinking of making it a NAS now, those 8 bays need filling up.

Where are you, south of France?


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Yes, Spain. Don't push that button again.
You feel that? just pressed it, it's off again now, until next time I notice you misbehaving.


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Super micro x8dtl-IF, 2 x Xeon 2.4ghz E6520, dual psu, 24GB mem, 8 HDD Drive Bays, no drives (yet), 4 PCI E, 2 PCI

nice toy - bit power hungry to run 24/7 perhaps, but in the winter, could be a useful space heater ;)

Ubuntu Server - play with Docker, KVM, or even Proxmox - 24GB of RAM is plenty to play with.

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Also downloaded kubuntu.
You don't need to do that. You can swap the skin / desktop with packages rather than downloading the complete ISO. I just switched from the default gdm3 to sddm because I don't use it as a desktop and don't need all of the random packages installed for "users". I would install the server package instead of desktop but, occasionally need the desktop for some things. Any DEB based version though is easy to work with. A useful tool for monitoring it though is webmin.

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