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My Screenbeam Success Story

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New Around Here
I did it! I bought the Screen Beam 2.5 starter kit. Connected them to the coax in the office and in the kitchen. I used a Klein coax tester to verify which coax line was the kitchen coax. I connected the kitchen coax to the Spectrum splitter. Nothing. I used the second splitter from the starter kit to replace the Spectrum splitter. The Screenbeam splitter is rated to 1800mhz. The Spectrum splitter is rated to 1000mhz. Also, I called Spectrum and the tech said their service ( DOCSIS 3.1 modem) operates up to 800mhz. So there should be no conflict with Screenbeam and DOCSIS 3.1. Correct? Yes!! The coax light is blinking green. My Deco app shows the backhaul icon is on between the office and the kitchen Deco units. Thank you SNB Forum. Thank you Screenbeam. Thank you Reddit. My Dad is up in Heaven smiling down at me. He is the smartest person I know and he would have loved computers, networking etc. I am so happy to have worked out using coax for the wired backhaul.

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