My solution to AIMesh not adding a node with RT-AC68u & AXE11000

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For anyone having AIMesh node add issues, here is my simple (but annoying) fix.

I just troubleshot my first AIMesh setup attempt an hour ago. It seems like it doesn't setup unless you have a wired (ethernet) connection between each router. Both are on their latest firmwares, and both had been fully reset. The AXE is the main router of course.

I tried to add the AC as a node like 20 times, moving it around the room and changing settings and it never worked. I tried reverting several admin settings to the defaults (per other users documented attempts) and those didn't solve it either.

I did wonder about a few things - length of admin password & presence of 6GHz config being two thoughts.

Once I used a network switch to have a connection to/between both of them, adding an AIMesh node (router) worked on the first try. After it connects, you can disconnect and relocate the router as needed for wireless only connectivity.


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What if I don't own a network switch!! any solution that involves spending money on something that should be working without spending it is not an acceptable solution.

However, I'll keep your solution in mind. Maybe it'll come in handy one day.


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@bitsbytes, you don't need to own a network switch. Move the routers to the same room, connect and associate them, then put them back where you want/need them.

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what works for me 100% of the time (as far as memory serves) is:

1) hard-wire between the router's LAN port to node's WAN port, and
2) use the Asus Android app to initiate pairing.

works with direct (router->node) connection and/or with 2 switches in between.

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