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My WHS Diy server

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Board Gigabyte G31M-ES2 with 4 sata ports and Gigabyte with Jumbo frames
2GB of patriot ram DDR800
4x Western Digitall green 1Tb each
CaseNox Coolbay
PSU:LC 550w green (not the one on the pics)
O.S.:Windows Home Server
3 Noisebloker XL1 fans a a Scythe controller






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Nice WHS!

I am jealous. I have an HP MSS EX475...if you have not discovered WeGotServed.CO.UK yet, I'd recommend that you check it out. Pretty good site for home builds like yours. And MediaSmartServer.Net is a great site; while focused on MSS's, there is a good knowledge level of home builds too.

What are you going to do with your rig? Streaming video? Backups?


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Well thank you for your comment.This computer is serving as a download server,i actually have all my HD movies (streaming) there and it makes backups for the 3 computers that i have at home,2 desktops (one wireless N connected, the other one via gigabit) and a notebook (wireless N too).
Yes i´m a user at the We Got Served forum and they are a great help,as for the MediaSmartServer.Net i'm going to see .
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Just a question, for some, WHS produces a stutter when demigrator engages. But not for all. Do you experience this with your mobo/configuration?
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