N66U high CPU usage when loading GUI via https [John's Fork]

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Hi everyone,

As the title says, I'm finding my RTN66U's CPU usage is pretty high when loading the GUI via https (and the GUI takes a long time to load). I've attached a top screenshot.
I'm using the latest stable John's Fork.

So, is this just an old router being old or is something amiss here (most likely I've done something daft)?

Thanks so much in advance!



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That is an old, single-core router running at 600MHz.

Use it for what it's good for, not for what makes it struggle.

@john9527's fork makes those old routers still viable, under the right environment. But even then, a point comes where we want more than the router's hardware can give. At least without sweating a little.


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It's probably caused by you using HTTPS and not having imported a valid certificate for the router.



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Hi @ColinTaylor thanks for the info.
I think the cert is already in my keychain unfortunately :(

To double check this, I've removed the cert from my keychain, confirmed that my browser no longer trusts the website and then re-imported the cert. Unfortunately the GUI is still slow and heavy on the CPU.


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