n66u to ax56u migration


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I have just bought a new asus ax56u because my old n66u cannot cope with the speed of my FTTH connection.

I have a very complex VPN setup and I would like to know if there is an easy way to migrate all the configuration from the old to new router without having to retype and retest everything.

Any help would be appreciated.




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No, do it manually if you want it as fast and as reliable as possible.

If you have symmetrical 200Mbps+ ISP speeds (up/down) and you're connecting to a similar service (up/down, depending on how you use it), you may want to consider returning the RT-AX56U and considering the RT-AC86U instead. It may even be a little cheaper but will improve VPN performance by 3 times or more vs. the 'AX58U (the 'AC86U and the RT-AX88U too, have hardware enabled AES-NI acceleration available for VPN's).

HTH. :)

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