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[N7000] Total Noob Here Nighthawk on Xwrt-Vortex 384.10_2 Game Boost?

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New Around Here
So I have been messing around with QoS and what not and I noticed that many of you fine people have a Game Boost option available on your routers. Was wondering if the R7000 simply doesnt have this option or am I blind and need to run it on or something? Let me know what I am missing. Thanks.
That FW is not supported on NG officially nor is Game Boost. Mostly illegal. Game Boost is a ASUS feature meant for Asus router products.
NG uses simple QoS features. You'll have to contact those who develop Xwrt.

You can load Voxel 3rd party FW on your R7000 and give that a try. Thats officially supported.
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