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N8800 PRO Delete LUN

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New Around Here
Hi Folks
New here so hope this is the right place for this question.

I have an N8800 PRO with four LUNS set up in the Space Allocation area. I need to delete one of them but when I try this it fails. I have made sure that none of our servers are pointing at the box - I did this by removing all ISCSI target and checking the drive designations had all been removed.

Any ideas how to get the ISCSI LUN removed?

Many thanks
Would consider to make a Backup off all Data from your Thecus NAS, as they arent save anymore and to switch to a new NAS System.
Last Update was "2014-10-13" and they have a lot of not fixed CVEs.
Also the last News about Thecus was from "2018-07-24" and they didnt released any newer NAS Systems the last Years, so Thecus is dead in my eyes.
Got a N8800 PRO many Years ago and had a lot of problems with their Firmware and RAID System, after 4-5 months the device hang up and died in a perm reboot.

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