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NAS Software = WHS Vs Linux.

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WHS gives much higher performance then Linux given the same spec of NAS. As proved in HP LX review. Are we going to see some substantial improvement on Linux platform to speed up data transfers?

Any Linux expert shine some light here?
I would not necessarily say that WHS is that much faster than linux. It really depends on the hardware and also the implementation of linux. Take for example the HP LX195 vs the QNAP TS-639. I know the QNAP costs quiet a bit more but I am looking at the base hardware. 1.6 Ghz Atom processor in both along with 1 GB of RAM in both. Similar hardware but one runs WHS and the other runs linux. The QNAP and HP are very close if you look at overall performance. I have seen similar results testing windows and linux at home on the same hardware.

I the series of articles that SNB did on building the perfect NAS came out with numbers the other way round - i.e. Linux was faster given same hardware.

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