Need a little advice on AX3000 firmware upgrade

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We have a ZenWifi AX wireless mesh running downstairs, just a router and a node, and I'm very happy with this. The wifi across the house, including upstairs is about as good as I had hoped with our gigabit fiber internet. We did need a way to have wired clients by our upstairs TV, including a Tablo DVR and NVIDIA Shield, and found that the RT-AX3000 running in media bridge mode would be just the ticket. Got it yesterday, set it up, and it works great upstairs, seeing 600Mbps on a NVIDIA Shield speed test app. Perfect. Been running for a day now, and the Tablo upstairs connects quickly with our downstairs TV in the living room.

Okay, finally my question *smile*. The AX3000 came with the 384 Asus firmware. Early on, but after I configured it into media bridge mode, I updated the firmware to the 386 version level (, and it just continued to work. Ran all last night in media bridge mode with that new firmware upgrade, no problems, it just worked. And it's working now. But I've been reading here about resetting and reconfiguring when switching between 384 and 386 firmware version levels. Wondering if I'm headed for future problems, even though it's working great right now? My attitude is typically to not reset and reconfigure settings unless I have a problem, or this is recommended in the release notes for the experience with this particular upgrade, so I was wondering whether I should take down the AX3000, reset and reconfigure to avoid future problems?


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If you're having no issues (at all), there is nothing you should do to the network, today.

Be prepared though. Download all the 'tools' you may need to do a full reset. Including any instructions, firmware (reflashing the same firmware has proven helpful to others), etc.

Including the following (to be used only and as necessary, if all normal methods are failing).

Asus Rescue Mode

And don't forget to save your settings while you can still get to them too.

For restoring your current configuration to the same firmware version, save a backup config file. Also, a JFFS backup too.

For manually entering your settings with copy/paste functionality (including seeing the passwords you are currently using), download Firefox and use the Save As 'Web page, complete' feature on each router GUI page you've made changes to.

Save Settings From Router


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Thanks, I'm also in the "if it isn't broken, don't fix it" school. I've been around the block a few times, so would have no problem doing a reset and reconfiguration, but if not needed unless there's a problem, that's fine with me *smile*. I do save settings once I've upgraded firmware and have things running, so that I have a good settings configuration for my current firmware version.

So far so good, still working perfectly with 384 settings on 386 firmware.


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Note that you should be doing a backup of the settings (from the GUI, a backup config file, and a backup JFFS file too) from the working firmware, before upgrading. And then also saving a copy of that firmware too with those backup files (they're a matched set).

After flashing new firmware, those backup files are less valuable because any issues you have with the new firmware may be re-introduced each time those backups are restored to a newly reset router.


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Thanks, I don't use the JFFS stuff, just the wired and wireless router functionality.

I agree with your assertions about saved settings, same as the way that I think about them. Like I said, I save my settings as soon as I get a new firmware version working well. I don't use that config file with any other firmware versions, just the version that I saved them on...I put the firmware version number into the config file name so that I know which firmware version it goes with. Works for me.

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