Need a starting point for simple video recording to PC from IP cam


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Got a rodent of some sort in the house during major remodeling, I think it is hidden in the stack of furniture and cushions under plastic. Can't seem to find the right bait to entice it into the trap so thought of setting up a simple web cam with motion detect so I can see exactly what I am up against. I see the pile of droppings increasing each day in the same spot so I know the little bugger is hidden somewhere during the day.

Apparently my needs are too simple for the current state of the market.
I am struggling to find the basics that will let me set up a single wired IP camera, record to my PC and use motion detect either in the cam or software to trigger when something small moves.

My preference would be freeware and a simple wired camera to get started. Once I understand the basics I can think about scaling up to a home security system. I am trying to keep it cheap for now

I am reasonably capable technically but not a lot of depth from a networking perspective. I run a Netgear 7000 router behind my AT&T DMZ port, have several PC's and printers on the network and use a TP-Link access point to get whole house coverage. I don't want a smart phone app, still using a flip. Just looking for a simple PC based solution.

I would appreciate any suggestions on how to get started or where to find concise information rich articles. My google-fu is letting me down in this topic. For some reason, I can't seem to wade through the morass of wifi multi-cam dedicated NVR solutions to find something basic
Thanks for any ideas.

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