Need advice in upgrading my router setup at home

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New Around Here
I have 2 individual 1GB lines provided my my ISP and I connect each to a separate router setup.

1) Router setup 1= Netgear Orbi (AC3000) in which the main router is setup in the living room and the satellite is set up in my bedroom

2) Router setup 2 = Asus Blue Cave router in the living room and it is connected in AiMesh mode with the Asus AC68U

Router Setup 1 is our main router for use at home.
Router Setup 2 is for our Smart Home (Google, Siri and Alexa) and VPN (USA) as I use it to connect to YouTube TV, Disney Plus and other Channels and shows in the US. I live in Hong Kong.

Now I want to upgrade all my routers to Wifi 6 as most of the devices I have or will be buying will have Wifi 6.

I am thinking of upgarding Router 1 setup to Asus XT8 or Linksys MX10 or Netgear Orbi 6 but in wired Setup.
This time I want to add one more satellite in the my daugther's room. So instead of having 2 connected in mesh before, there will be 3. I have read that in Wifi 6 triband routers the 5hz-2 channel (160mhz) is not available in a wireless mesh setup. So that is why I am thinking of a wired mesh setup. Hope I am correct with this thought.

The problem is that since I need 3 to connect together and when I contacted the store where I buy all my routers, they informed me that only Linksys MX10 comes with 2 in a box and 1 can be bought separately. While the other 2 options Aus XT8 and Netgear Orbi 6 comes only 2 in a set. So I have to buy 2 sets of 2pcs and keep 4.

I am wondering if I should get the LInksys MX10 3 device setup and solve router 1 setup upgrade or you think the Asus XT8 or Orbi 6 are better routers.

I am wondering if the extra router from Asus XT8 can be used as a standalone router for router setup 2 which I can continue to use for my needs.

What do you guys think?

I am not so experienced with wifi networking so I really need your suggestions in upgrading my router setup at home.


Actually a couple days ago my ISP called me to upgrade my subscription and offered me 4 lines of 1gb connect from a single modem compared to the 2 lines 1gb which I am using now.

They gave me an attractive offer but then I thought what I will do with 4 lines. I was wondering if using 2 lines on a dual wan available router like Asus AX11000 will be a good idea but then that router is big and I dont think it is worth it.

That is why I believe my plan above to upgrade the router setup in wired mesh will be a better option.

What do you guys think?

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