Need advice on buying a router with 20-30 wired end devices.

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I have a small network and i need to replace my existing main router. My main router has 20 connected wifi routers through a 24 port gigabit switch using cat utp 6e cable. I need a router that is capable of handling gigabit lan connections and has bandwidth control on ip address range without losing gigabit connectivity. I am currently using tp link router as my main router or admin router. The problem is that qos and nat boost cannot be enabled at the same time and it doesn't support bandwidth control over ip address range. The bandwidth changes from 300Mbps to 120Mbps whenever i disable nat boost with or without qos turned on. I need a router that will still give me my 300Mbps subscribed internet speed with bandwidth control over ip address range. What router should i buy?


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@Arden - Not sure how this post went unattended all this time.

First off, I want to make sure we understand your setup: you've got a single main router, connected to a 24-port switch, which then connects to 20 more routers? What exactly is the use case if you don't mind me asking? Are you serving up internet to multiple tenants in an apartment building, or campus of buildings, or similar?

Without knowing more, I'd think it's a good idea to start looking beyond consumer-grade gear and focus on at least SMB-grade routers, which will offer the feature set and performance you need. If your skill set is high enough, Mikrotik would be a good option for this. RouterOS allows for basically unlimited ways in which you can limit bandwidth on IP addresses and ranges. I would look at the RB4011iGS+RM, otherwise an RB1100AHx4 or a CCR model like the CCR1009-7G-1C-1S+PC. Beyond that, I'd look at x86 hardware, like a Protectli embedded box or 1U Supermicro chassis, running something like Endian (here's a link to their VoIP QoS policies page; you can see it allows for a very deep IP-based QoS feature set right from the GUI).
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