Need advice on Pfsense transition from Asus AC88U

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I have FTTH 1 Gig down/up connection. Currently on a consumer Asus AC88u router, have several devices set up to use the (slow) VPN through the router.

I'd like some recommendation to get better Wireguard (or OpenVPN) speeds preferably as close to 1gbps as possible? , solid reliability, and some ad blocking. Newbie, but not afraid to tinker with stuff, would like some room to add features as I learn more about Pfsense.

Have been looking at used Dell optiplex, HP ProDesk G4 400 and qotom boxes, but feeling overwhelmed with options. So any help appreciated.


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First be sure the processor you select is fast and also supports AES-NI.

Second I'm not sure any commercial VPN provider has either the servers or the bandwidth to provide 1 gig downloads.

You will need to test various VPN providers by running their VPN client on a fairly powerful PC. Several providers are now supporting WireGuard at least on an experimental basis. I am running WireGuard on a Qutom PC setup as a VPN client. Using Wireguard and StrongVPN. I often get download speeds of 450 Mbps which is 95-98% of the speed I get with a direct WAN connection. I have heard rumors of people being able to get over 800 Mbps on WireGurad but without a gig connection I can't test myself.

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