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Scribe Need help creating a filter for dnsmasq possible rebind attempts spamming the main log

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Helo people, I need help creating a filter for scribe. My logging problem is caused by adguard DNS. When I enabled adguard DNS it started logging rebind attack incidences. I created a dnsmasq filter to handle this but I keep getting failed syntax check when I restart the script. I started out by modifying the ethernet filter in examples. Below are my attemps at this task. Please be advised the .txt extension is not used when testing, this forum demands a file extension when uploading. Can anyone see the error in my attempts? Please help if you know how to correctly do this.


  • dnsmasq.txt
    273 bytes · Views: 33
  • dnsmasqlogr.txt
    103 bytes · Views: 33
I believe you have an extra “ in your destination file name:

destination d_dnsmasq {

Should probably be:

destination d_dnsmasq {

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