Need Help Flashing Merlin Firmware


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Since I'm having issues with the performance of the stock firmware. I figured I'd give the Merlin firmware a shot being it has many performance tweaks.

But the only instructions I could find on how to install the firmware were here ->

Is there better instructions? Shouldn't I be backing sometime up? Perhaps also backing up the jffs partition? Instructions on how to do that would help. Also in the stock firmware it doesn't seem to give me an option to upload a manual firmware file. (Only for the AiMesh Router) I can't even figure out how to send the Merlin firmware file to the router.

Current router is a RT-AX88U running



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Log into the router.

Click on the firmware version (it should take you to the upgrade page). If it doesn't, click on the Administration, Firmware Upgrade tabs.

Click the 'upload' link in the Manual firmware update line (near the middle of the page).

See the link above to get the best chance of getting all of the RMerlin benefits once the firmware has loaded.

I wouldn't save anything on the stock firmware side. As you're having issues already, loading saved backup files will only perpetuate them. But if you want to do it anyway, see the link below.

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See the M&M Config in the link above.


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I would not backup any info as RMerlin should be set manually from 0.

you can install RMerlin directly from your router with AsusWRT - your router is called (AiMesh Router) in gui Administration - Firmware Upgrade and this is the place you should manually load RMerlin soft.

it is possible that after upgrade for up to 1h you will have challenge to log to router - wait for 1h.

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