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I don't know much about DNS and looking for some advice, I'll try keep it short and easy to understand.

I will say I have OpenVPN with Torguard set as a VPN Client 1 on an AC86U, working fine (although the adblock from Diversion stops working which I assume is from the DNS/VPN). I would like to use Quad9 and/or Adguard for privacy and ad blocking, but unsure how to configure and setup the DNS, as well as DoT and client devices, attached below are screenshots of my setup. I appreciate this may be a bit vague for some on depending on what you want/need, but just a rough guide to ensure nothing is "conflicting" etc

Setup, with OpenVPN & Torguard

-- Router > WAN > DNS = &
-- Router > WAN > DoT = &

1) Does DoT & WAN DNS need to be the same? If not, which DNS servers out of Adguard/Quad9 would you put where?

Screenshot 2022-11-22 at 14.55.27.jpg

-- Router > LAN > DNS Filter = Set to Router but no DNS entered, again what would you recommend to put here or which bit to keep the same as?

1) DNSFiltering is set to Router, do I need to set anything here?

Screenshot 2022-11-22 at 14.55.56.jpg

-- Router > LAN > DHCP Server = Blank

1) Would I put the WAN DNS here to keep it the same, leave it blank?

Screenshot 2022-11-22 at 14.56.48.jpg

-- VPN > VPN Client

Screenshot 2022-11-22 at 14.57.21.jpg

I hope this is clear and enough information to guide me in the right direction, I just don't want to be setting different DNS servers in places that may override or conflict. Finally, when setting say an iPhone up, do you configure the DNS manually, if so, do you use the LAN / WAN DNS?.

Thanks in advance!

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