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Hello, I have been working on this for a week or so now but I have an issue that I have been unable to resolve.

I have Comcast & Verizon feeding my Asus AX3000 ( that connects to an SCM 8848 Switch on vlan 2 ( This router also provides wifi & DHCP for my domain laptops.
Vlan 1 ( is for all my wired domain computers. with a static route between them. I can ping both ways and both have internet access.
I have a Tplink Archer 7 router connected to Vlan 2 with the address of on the WAN side for my IOT section of the network. It is ( on the lan side and provides DHCP.
From the 23 network, I can ping the 22 and the 21 just fine and I have internet access.

My problem is that from the 21 or 22, I can't ping the 23. So basically I have one way routing. This is what I have been trying to fix.

In the SMC switch it has the following routes:

The Asus router has the following routes:

I also tried running the Tplink router in AP mode connected to a 3rd vlan on the SMC switch. For a brief moment, it worked and I could ping both ways between all Vlans. I messed with the routing table because while I could ping the 23 network... It did not have internet access.
I forgot how I did it and despite spending hours trying... I have not been able to do it again. I think this worked because this removes the wan from the Tplink side. The TP link was and it's gateway was the SMC Vlan 2 ( with a route to take it to the 22.

I don't care what way it has to be setup, I just need all three networks to talk to each other.

I have turned off the firewall in both routers.

Thank you,


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