need help with load balancing on edgerouter 4


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Edgerouter 4 firmware 2.09(latest) has3 rj45 ports. currently, eth0 has internet coming in and eth1 is connected to a switch for the inside lan. It turns out i also have another internet feed in my building. i want to plug it in to eth2. When i try to set up eth2 as a second internet port i get this error

but eth2 is not connected to anything.

Also, it seems these two ports have different lans. can they service the same lan?


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I suggest to switch the 2nd isp to eth1 have wan on eth0&eth1 and rest as lan


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I'd factory reset then reconfigure from scratch, making the wizard the first thing you do after initial login. Also, consider dropping back to 1.10.11, as the 2.x firmware train is still not fully production ready yet.

Regarding ports, the ER-4 is a true router with individual, separate routed ports and no integrated switch chip, so putting two or more ports in the same subnet well require that they be software-bridged, and while that is possible and will technically work, doing so will severely limit throughput, so it's not recommended. If you need two or more ports in a subnet, it's better to pair the ER-4 with a managed L2 or L3 switch and let it do your local switching.

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