need help with N66U

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Hi guys

Im trying to use my old N66U as a switch with USB network storage.

N66U(switch) connected to router via WAN port, all LAN port connected to other devices.
All other devices get internet from switch LAN port.

My problem, I cant see the USB drive on my network.

What I did

reset factory setting
put device in AP mode
disable both radios
input Static IP

Went to usb application/media services and servers
Network place (samba) share/ cloud disk
Updated below settings


USB drive shows properly

Im logeed in remotely in the switch so routing seem fine.

Im no export in networking so any help would be appreciated

thanks guys



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Try flashing the latest RMerlin fork by @john9527 instead of trying to get it to work on that old firmware. :)



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From the bottom of that first post of the link above.

" 4de9128ac1fd3b27abf57c159effe42ac71aae4c2390a10c5f6458cead6c5a7a RT-N66U_374.43_46E8j9527.trx"


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ok wasnt sure if this would work on my old dynosaure N66U?
RT-N66U is still a very capable device with John's fork 374 LTS... I got a better signal/speed than a Linksys 1900acs with stock firmware !
Thanks John !! :D


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hi guys sorry for the delayed answer, I wasnt to keen, even with low risk, of bricking it. we are in full lock down here with all store closed and internet reuired for working from home plus kid virtual school. In the end it was my settings that were wrong and its working fine now. I will keep this post in my bookmarks and do the update when I have a plan B available. Thanks for your help anyhow

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