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Need help with port forwarding through two routers? (DVG-5802S and DIR-655?)

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I'm having really hard time figuring out how on earth to get my port forwarding probably now that we've got this D-Link DVG-5802S from our IPS.

Last month we finally received our new fibreoptic network, which resulted in our Linksys Sipura 2100 VoIP-router getting trashed (won't miss it!) as we got this brand new D-Link DVG-5802S router / gateway from our IPS (also named "Andybox" for some reason?)

This unit got a massive 7x Gigabit switch, as well as it has built in VoIP-features, so it's really a unit meant for doing basicly everything..

But because my room is somewhat distant from this router / gateway, I've got a CAT7 cable lined up from it to my room where I've got my DIR-655 A3 which I use for my wireless-N network and for providing both my computer and Xbox360 with wired network!

This was no issue before, I simply forwarded port 0-65535 on the Linksys Sipura 2100 to a specific IP-address, and this IP-address I gave my DIR-655 and from there I just did the usual port forwarding from the DIR-655 to my laptop and computer, and DMZ-hosted my Xbox360 which worked like a charm. No issues when playing on Xbox Live, and uTorrent on both my laptop and computer was having no trouble with the connection (besides the fact that the Sipura 2100 barley could take any torrent load whatsoever!)

But it doesn't seem to be that easy with the DVG-5802S + DIR-655 combo.
I tried to do exactly the same as before, forwarding port 0-65535 to a specific IP-address which I assigned to my DIR-655.. This works when it comes to uTorrent, and as the DVG-5802S got a way better CPU and more RAM than the Sipura 2100, along with us now having a much better network speed my torrent usage barley shake our network at all! But for some reason my Xbox360 can't connect to Xbox Live (claims that I don't got the propitiate MTU settings, even though it's 1500 on both the DVG-5802S and my DIR-655?) Neither am I able to connect to the Lord of the Rings Online servers?

But if I switch from the static IP providing my DIR-655 with open ports into DHCP which gives it a random IP-address with no ports open my Xbox360 suddenly connects to Xbox Live? And I'm able to play Lord of the Rings Online again? But no uTorrent is facing some troubles as the ports are blocked..

Then I tried with DMZ hosting my DIR-655, which resulted in uTorrent not working, neither did Xbox Live or Lord of the Rings Online!

So how on earth am I supposed to do this? How can I keep my Xbox Live and Lord of the Rings Online working, along with my ports being forwarded?

(There is no firewall on any of my computers, so that's not the problem, and the upnp part doesn't seem to work across two routers, at least uTorrent doesn't seem to be working with upnp)
NAT works best when both routers are on different subnets; I'd try that if you haven't already.
Instead of using your DLink as a router, you're better of flipping it to run in access point mode. This way you avoid the issues of double NAT'ing.

Say your DVG-5802S is, make your 655 .253..something common for APs. Disable DHCP on your 655. Now uplink your 655 to your DVG-5802S using a LAN port on each, you will not use the WAN/Internet port of your 655. You can use the other ports on your 655 as stadard switched LAN ports.

Now your entire network is 1. Only port forwarding needed is on your DVG-5802S .
Yeah, I've been giving that option a thought and will try that later today!
Just have to convince my stepfather and mom that deactivating SPI and running Endpoint independent isn't that bad, as long as they've got a firewall on their computers there is really no need for those options checked.

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