Need help with Verizon 5g home internet and Asus AX3000 in bridge setup


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Hi all

I got a Verizon 5g home service and I have a strange issue. Originally I got an ASK-NCQ1338 router with passthrough capabilities but it would get a new IP and literally mean a different IP every 2 hours. It would break my VPN because it takes Asus 3-5 seconds to get WAN IP. I spoke with their tech support, which is useless, and they agreed to give me the latest new route model ARC-XCI55AX. This one is better but still has issues. The weirdest thing is that in passthrough mode ARC-XCI55AX gets an IP as the IP of the WAN+1. For example, if Asus WAN IP is then ARC-XCI55AX would be accessed by
The lease time on asus is reported as 60 seconds but I don't think it changes every 60 seconds based on log.

I had a 386.7 running and every day or even a couple of times a day I would lose internet to all devices connected to ax3000 but if I try to test internet speed under QOS/Internet speed tab then I get full speed. I have switched back to 386.5_2 and it got better I would only lose internet once in 2-3 days. It would start with google search or access to gmail but bing would still work fine for a little bit but then the whole internet access is not there. I upgraded back to 386.7_2 and the problem is back like it was on 386.7

I have read somewhere that ARC-XCI55AX has some issues with Asus AI but I have done a full reset and have not activated any of AI features at all.

I can also set up DMZ between the ARC-XCI55AX and AX3000 but I think pass-through is a better choice. I could also set up ax3000 as AP as well.

Any thought on what would be the best approach? Why this thing is not working?

I also have Netgear R7000 that I could set up instead of AX3000. The problem of course is that I work from home and can't putz around too much with it.



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What happens if you take the router out of the picture and use the Gateway as intended?

Problem goes away, right?

Try running your router thingy in the Verizon gateway's DMZ - should work fine there... you'll have a local IP assigned by the GW's DHCP server, and hey, right as rain, it shouldn't change every minute.

It's not designed to be bridged over...


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I need my AX3000 as I need all 4 ports of it.
So I would disable all wifi bands and enable DMZ. Can I use my WAN port to connect to the GW? What about if I out AX3000 in AP mode? What would setup look like? Thanks


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This is where things go wrong. I reset the Verizon GW and still have it in pass-through. It was working fine and this morning stopped. Not even sure why I have or IPs. Maybe those are guest networks. What is really interesting. I can't go to google to search but I can search from bing just fine. It is like part of the DNS is gone. I can test internet speed from within the AX3000 with no issues.

Please, help. I attached logs.

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