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Need help with VPN

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i have a RT-AX88U running merlin and i want to create a VPN client so al devices(wifi or direct connected) will start runnnig through this vpn instead of the regular wan.
The reason is i want to hide the real IP/country i am in

i am testing with proton free and made a wireguard configuration file which i uploaded to the router
everything seems enabled but still when i try ip.me it still shows me the real ip address and country.
i am obviously doing something wrong but need some pointers
how can i see the router is using the vpn to communicate outside instead of the regular wan ip?

EDIT:i added a plain rule and it seems to work now. is this the correct weay to do things

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If one hasn't done so already, one may want to see ProtonVPN's setup guides for Asus routers if one is having trouble .
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Check also under VPN Client that the box for Redirect internet traffic is set to "VPN Director".

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