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Need Managed Switches with Built-in Reporting, Bandwidth Usage Monitoring & Cable Diagnostics.

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I am looking for a Managed Switch that has built-in reporting.
My requirements are as follows:
  1. Current Bandwidth Usage both LAN & WAN per Port Number. We want to see internal backups and other Lan usage in addition to WAN usage.
  2. Built-in Reporting.
  3. Cable Diagnostics Broken Cable, Throughput etc...
We wish to see anomalies on the Network like poor cable performance or Bandwidth Hogs....Sort of like Wireshark in a box.
I like the looks of pfSense with Ntopg but am not sure if they make a switch.

Considering a Unifi Switch, but it is a bit lacking in some of these features.

Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated.
Maybe look at Cisco kit that supports NetFlow together with PRTG?


That is exactly the type of reporting I am looking for. So it looks like this is often configured with a Router. I suppose I can use a replicated Port on a Cisco Switch connected to a Computer?

Is it possible to have this type of reporting built-in directly to a Switch or network Appliance so it could be accessed via a Web GUI or Application.
That is what is attractive about Unifi Switches but the reporting drill down and current usage appears to be a bit weak.

Anything with all the reporting built-in?
Sorry I don't know about other products. Regarding Cisco, IIRC you don't need routers in the mix. We used to monitor all our Cisco switches using a central NetFlow console.
The Cisco RV345p, RV345, or RV340 routers give you nice simple stats for a small business or home. They run automatic with a license and turning them on. The RV345p router was reviewed on this site. I am running them with a layer 3 switch which hinders the upload as all outbound stats are seen coming from the Cisco SG300-28 layer 3 switch. The download works fine. I would think if you ran a layer 2 switch the stats would work fine.

PRTG is way more sophisticated stats but way harder to setup. There is a limit on PRTG before you need to pay.
ntopng + nProbe are a free alternative to PRTG. But for small setups the free 100 sensors from PRTG are more than enough.

For these external monitoring solutions, it is best to prefer Flexible Netflow or Netflow or IPFIX products. sFlow is a last resort.
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