Need some advice for a business setup

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I have a bar in which a lot of devices need to connect to the wifi network.
To give some context of how the business looks like:
There are 2 floors and on each floor about 50 people can reside. There are also smart home devices that need to connect the wifi. so I would need about 150+ devices on the wifi.

I can bring this down to 100 if I exclude the wifi home smart devices.

What is the best way to go about this?
Speed is not a high priority. The biggest thing I would require is streaming music through all the speakers.



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150+ devices on Wi-Fi? Is this working in any capacity today? How many AP's are you using? With consumer-level equipment, I would guess around 5 AP's are needed at a minimum.

Can any of these devices be wired instead? Highly recommended if possible.

If this network will only grow with time, I suggest hiring a professional Wi-Fi installer in your area instead (with related commercial-grade equipment).


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I don't have any ap's yet. I need to know what the best ap's are to buy for this kind of setup.
Consumer level equipment isn't a prerequisite.
And no, most of them will be smart phones, smart devices, speakers, etc.


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You may want to look at almost any of the recent posts by @Trip, one of the resident experts on commercial/enterprise equipment and setups then.

Be sure you use the 'Better search' option if you're searching, rather than just browsing his last posts. :)

Search results | SmallNetBuilder Forums (


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@CraftyP - Welcome. Do you have blueprint images you can upload of each floor to this thread? Short of that, roughly how much square footage is each floor? Do you have ethernet throughout the building, and/or the ability to run additional ceiling drops for wifi? Lastly, do you have any kind budget for this project?

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