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Need some help with a DHCP problem

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I have a GT-AX1100 as the main router in my network with 4 XT9 nodes running firmware I'm noticing that my apple devices.. Specifically my Macbook Pro eventually stop receiving a DHCP address. I can fix this problem by going into my macs settings, and manually assigning an IP but then if I switch it back to automatic it again losses internet connectivity. I am currently running firmware 3004.388.7_alpha1-g4c689dffeb. I have Diversion setup with Alternate blocking list, enabled on & Exclude devices from ad-blocking enabled on -- I am noticing that this problem isn't happening on all devices which is whats weird to me. What I just tried is setting the DHCP pool larger - I used to have the pool instead of // I also now have manually assisgned my Macbook to an IP of in Assigned IP around the DHCP list on the LAN - DHCP Server page. I do have a lot of Alexa devices / Ring devices so i'm wondering if those device should also be set assigned. I would like to know if theres any other reason for this ? Thanks !
Was the same thing happening on 388.6_x stable release? Alpha release is for testing purposes only.
I personally wouldn't experiment with Alpha firmware when having AiMesh configuration with lots of devices.
Do your Apple devices have MAC randomization enabled? If so, turn that off on the clients.
I reviewed your OP again. I suppose it is possible that "shortening" the DHCP pool could cause issues especially if the Macbook was using an address between .5 and .20. Rebooting the router should clear the problem as the DHCP lease time restarts with a router reboot. If you have IoT devices that are under DHCP, I suppose it is possible for one of those to not respond to a different IP address assigned by the router because the Macbook is asking for a new address. Giving the IoT devices a manually assigned address might work. But, If possible I would give IoT devices a static address. Change the DHCP pool if needed. One thing I did on one network was to use a DHCP pool at .20 to .199. Servers, printers, AP's were in the range .2 to .19 while cameras and other IoT clients used .200 to .254. I did not use manually assigned IP addresses. The office was a not-for-profit that refurbed PC's for folks that needed a computer. I used an AC68U router and never had problems with DHCP. I still feel the AC68U was the best router Asus ever made (still have one here just-in-case).
Well... this is not universally known DHCP issue with specific solution, but something happening with @ComputerSteve specific hardware and firmware.

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