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A friend of mine has what he calls a Netgear 70 router N600 based. I tried to download a new firmware from Netgear's download center. It does not find it? Is this router end-of-life?

I would think he would want a new style of wireless with AC.


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Likely yes not supported by Netgear any longer. N class routers are old news and AC has been around for some time now. Never heard of a Netgear 70 you should verify the model number.

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Here is a list of Netgear N600 devices on WikiDevi. He likely has a Netgear WNDR3700 of some sort. Since there appear to be five versions you should be sure to select the right version when browsing Netgear's support page looking for a firmware update:

It does look like the more recent hardware versions have received updates in 2018 but older versions are likely abandoned. If the router is not meeting his needs it is probably time to consider replacing it with a newer one.


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He is an artist in a up stairs large studio. It seems to be working but I don't want him to be running a router not supported any more.

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