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News NETGEAR Adds SOHO Wi-Fi 6 Access Point To Its Business Product Line-Up

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Julio Urquidi

News Editor
Designed for small single-site home office or small business environments, the NETGEAR WAS204 AX1800 wireless access point is the latest Wi-Fi 6 addition to NETGEAR ’s Business Essentials family of professional products.

Marketed as a best-value product, the WAX204 doesn’t require remote management tools. Instead, it uses a web GUI to configure and manage each individual access point.

Aside from its maximum wireless link speed of 1800 Mbps, the WAX204 also includes 3 separate wireless networks with separate dedicated channels, WPA3 authentication, four GbE network ports, able to act as a router, and includes a 3-year hardware warranty with 90 day of phone and chat support.

Available in the US now, the NETGEAR tgear WAX204 WiFi 6 Access Point has an MSRP of $129.99.
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