Netgear AX4 (RAX40) AX3000 Router Pre-order on Amazon for $200

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The only reference to the RAX40 that I can find online other than the multitude of global online shops listing it for sale is a comment in the DSL Reports forums saying that beta testing of the RAX40 ended abruptly some time before mid-February after it was found to have "a flaw that the engineers could not fix."

There's also a support page up for it with a link to the datasheet on
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On the Gen 2. Got it probably as the first and only and I'm not sure what they were looking for. I'm not sure why this model even exists.
I meant what client device(s) were used.


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I meant what client device(s) were used.

TVs, one 4K. Mobile Devices, a Microwave, WiFi Controlled Lighting, STB, Computers/Laptops, Sprinkling System, X10 Controller, 7 Echos. One TV is directly above the router which is on a shelf just below an unfinished ceiling in the core of the house. The claim of "for use in large homes", nope. Not in mine. Even beyond the house it's not as good as the other routers I swap in and out.

So the Gigabit handling off the ONT and the Gigabit LAN were perfect. WiFi was not. My 6700v3 (bad Gigbit) was better and the C3000Z (got free with the Free ONT) is better. So I try it every so often hoping there's a FW update to make things snappier, but so far no luck. It takes forever to boot though.


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Any thing new on this one? Updates make it any better?

Walmart has it on sale for $99. Amazon has it for $149

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