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NetGear EX6200 Extender - Improving range performance

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John in LB

New Around Here
This might be obvious to some of you; however, thought I would mention the following:

I have been trying to extend the range of my EX6200 for sometime (both between extender and the modem / router and the end devices.) I tried all of the various suggestions on the web, including replacing the 5 dBi antennas with 8 dBi units (longer version).

While all of my efforts resulted in some improvements, the connections were unstable and would drop out every few hours / days.

Up to now, I always had the unit in the stand, in a vertical position - for space saving reasons.

In reviewing the owner's manual, I noticed a comment that placing the unit horizontally instead of vertically may offer better performance. When I did this - I obtained a much better / more stable connection all around! I was quite surprised by this result... I can only speculate that in the vertical position, the EX6200 body is blocking part of the signal.

Please note: Both antennas are vertically oriented. Also, I am only using / interested in the 2.4 GHz band.

Below is an excerpt from the manual - page 16. Note the last sentence of paragraph #2.


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