Netgear R7000 isn't up to speed on a gigabit connection through CM1000 modem

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I recently got a Netgear CM1000 modem on my gigabit Xfinity connection. When I hook my laptop up to the modem directly I am getting close to a gigabit connection, at least above 900 Mbps consistently. But when I hook up (ethernet) through my R7000 with fully upgraded stock firmware I'm still just getting around 200 Mbps which is the speed I used to have before my connection was upgraded. What could the reason be for me not getting any speed increase when connecting through the router? As far as I can see the the router should be able to handle the speed.


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Kind of a random question, have you reset the router to factory defaults since the last time that you flashed it? If you have, never mind, but one thing that I'd do is to do the reset to factory defaults, and then do as little configuration as possible before doing a speed test with a computer with a hard-wired connection to the router. And see what you get then...
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Can you post your some screenshots of how you have your Netgear router setup? What features/settings did you have on/off? The SNB Review shows that parental control and QoS can drastically reduce throughput.

Test Description NETGEAR R7000P NETGEAR R7000
WAN - LAN Throughput (Mbps) 941 941
LAN - WAN Throughput (Mbps) 940 935
HTTP Score - WAN to LAN (%) 0.3 3.5
HTTP Score - LAN to WAN (%) 22.5 31.6
Bufferbloat Score- Down Avg. 513 406
Bufferbloat Score- Down Max. 376 219
Bufferbloat Score- Up Avg. 423 120
Bufferbloat Score- Up Max. 322 109
CTF Score (%) 32.6 47.4
Firmware Version V1.0.0.56_1.0.45 v1.0.8.34_1.2.15


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My old R7000 died a month or so ago. I got a new one which is the one I was having speed issues with and asked about here. I ended up getting a R7800 as well to compare and it didn't take long before the R7000 was going back to where it came from.

The R7800 is just more suited for my current setup it seems. It's a phenomenal router blasting 5 ghz to devices all over my house (I'm using Smartconnet). I'm also consistently getting between 930 and 980! Mbps downloads on the R7800. I know that some of you guys are getting speeds like that on the R7000, but I am not able to regardless of what I do. Maybe it doesn't like my Netgear CM1000 modem? I did put Voxel's FW on the R7800 right away, so maybe that has contributed to these results as well.

Thank you all for help and suggestions but my days on the R7000 seems to be over

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