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Hello fellow Nighthawkers and Voxel followers :)

Just a quick question regarding excellent voxel firmware and it's configuration.
Firstly, I will explain what I want to achieve, it really is a basic networking for you guyz, but I struggle with it.

OK. My ISP is Virgin. I've got Virgin SuperHub 3 upstairs. All WiFi functionality disabled, it really acts as WAN gateway and a switch for the 4 LAN ports, which I use for kids PCs.

All the WiFi traffic goes through Nighthawk r7800 rocking a voxel firmware which is downstairs. The r7800 is wired directly to SH3 via Ethernet cable.

I've got several WiFi devices (cameras, arduino, phones, tablet) and several wired PCs and a camera.
All what I want to achieve is to have the Nighthawk in modem mode, so I can use all of its functionality (parental control, mobile phone app to manage internet on kids phones, etc...)
AND at the same time I want every device in my home to see each other, so I can get access to my arduino and cameras from every PC/phone.

So, as far as I understand basic networking, all devices should be on the same subnet (in my case 192.168.0.x on mask But Nighthawk won't allow me to configure it as Modem on the same subnet as SH3. In AP it works nice but I loose all parental control and a fantastic kamoj add-on.

Is there a way to overcome it?

The easiest way, in my understanding, would be putting the SH3 in modem only, hooking it to another switch (which in my case would have to be upstairs, right beside SH3) and from that switch to r7800. But I don't really want additional switch, when I have SH3 working perfectly with all four LAN ports occupied (that's what I will ever need upstairs BTW). I just want to keep it simple and use what I've got.

I have bought a second hand r7800 only because of a nice custom voxel firmware I could put on it and in fact, the first thing when I booted up the nighthawk was flash it to voxel ;)

Prior to this, I had Linksys WRT54G on dd-WRT, and it worked fine in my config. All what I had to do is to click an option in its GUI (loopback or something, I don't remember at the moment, it died)

Is there a similiar option in Voxel (GUI, telnet cmd)?
How would you solve that puzzle?

Kindly asking for an advice.

Thank you!
Reagards, Lucas


Mr. Easy
Staff member
You need a switch plugged into a LAN port on the R7000. The devices plugged into the SH3 are on a different subnet than those connected to the R7000.

A 5 port gigabit switch is about 13 Euro.

R. Gerrits

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I think the only proper way would be to switch your SuperHub to modem-mode and connect it to the WAN port of your R7800. (probably in modem-mode, only 1 of the ETH ports is still active, so connect the correct one (usually the first) to the R7800.)
And then configure the R7800 as a router (enter your ISP config; configure DHCP)
Then upstairs place a new switch for the kids' connections, to be connected to one of the LAN ports of the R7800 + all the devices of the kids.

Or keep the R7800 in AP mode. And then perhaps you can configure the OpenDNS FamilyShield (which I think the NETGEAR Parental Controls were also using) DNS servers in your SuperHub to keep Parental Controls.
Only thing is that clever kids might figure out that they can change the dns on their PC to bypass the filter.
And by using the R7800, it might be enforced (not 100% sure) by intercepting and redirecting all dns traffic in the firewall.

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