Netgear R7900 Converted to R8000 :)

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Is anyone interested in this >?

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I picked up a Netgear R7900 and was playing with it.
I could not find any info how to get the awful Netgear software off.
I am going to retest my findings and write down step by step.
Before I mess with it I wanted to know if anyone is interested in this.

Currently have successfully converted to Fresh Tomato 2019.1 / DD-WRT.


Internet Man

Senior Member
Did you have to burnboardid to convert it to a R8000 first?

Are you able to test whether the R7900 actually does not support TurboQAM on 2.4GHz 802.11n with stock software and whether this feature is enabled after the conversion?


Regular Contributor
Yes you have to burnboardid it >
There are a quite a few steps but I feel like its worth it.
TurboQAM is working on DD-WRT that is what I have on it right now.
I also was curious so I opened the router and the board is a R8000>
So essentially your burnboardid it back to what it is.

I am getting instructions finished and will update soon.

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