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Netgear R9000 SFP+ Port question

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I'm not sure if I'm using this port correctly or I'm missing something hardware related or settings are not correct. I have cable internet (400mbps down and 40mbps up) and I know a 10Gb port won't increase my WAN speed but the reason I'm trying this out is to use the SFP+ port on the router to have it connected to my PC (Windows 10) so I could transfer files faster to my two external HDD's that are connected to the two USB ports on the R9000. I was maxing out my 1Gig mobo NIC card while transferring files so I thought I would be able to buy a 10Gb PCI-E NIC SFP+ card then use two 10GBase-SR SFP+ Transceivers then connect them using a Multimode Duplex OM3 Fiber Cable. So I installed the 10Gb NIC in the PC, installed the drivers (Intel 82599), connected the two transceivers and the fiber cable and everything worked perfect the first night. Windows registered the 10Gb NIC as a Intel 82599 @ 10 Gigabit, the 10G light was on/flashing on the R9000 and my transfer speeds from my PC to the two two external HDD's connected to the R9000 almost doubled! (From around 90-100mb/s too 185-200mb/s!) I played (transferring files, playing video games and basic speed tests) around with the new setup for a couple hours and had no issues. Went to bed, off too work the next morning and when I came home and went on the PC I noticed something wasn't right. Webpages took forever to load, login into the routers firmware took forever so I tried to transfer a file to the HDD's and I was getting only a few KB/s! Did a WAN speed test and was getting less than 1mb/s....like how did it go from running prefect to shirtting out so fast. I've tried resetting the router multiple times, re-installed the driver on the 10Gb NIC, reconnecting the transceivers and fiber wire. The weird part is everything still connects properly and windows and the router shows its connected at 10Gb but the speeds are crazy inconsistent. I noticed the transceiver that plugs into the router is very warm to the touch but the one that plugs into the PC NIC is cool to the touch. Also the router a couple of times could not detect my cable modem and thus no internet. I'm running the latest Voxel firmware. Any ideas or first hand experience using the SFP+ port to connect to a PC would be greatly appreciated.

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