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FYI: The pricing shown by your insite advertisers for the Netgear UTM10 (provided by Pricegrabber) do not include the initial IDP/AV/AM subscription.

So the unbundled price for the UTM 10 will run from $340-$380, and the bundled price will typically be around $549-$600. (ie: NewEgg=$569).

Just some security philosophy discussion;

Since malware and intrusion is primarily an internet threat and not typically passed from peers in a LAN, a perimeter solution is a more cost effective solution. While having AV is a bonus, there appears to be significantly less viral activity over WAN connections in the past 2 years than in the past (usually through attachments). Because of this I am seeing SMB's wanting more investment made in perimeter based solutions enhanced with free desktop AV solutions to trap the infrequent virals that are passed through USB sticks, file shares or P2P.

Some may frown on free AV's when in most cases the only variance is the signature update frequency, which again, the perimeter solution resolves as it updates as often as the subscription permits (usually once a day, sometimes more).

These SMB's aren't trying to shortcut on security, they just don't see the value of paying for perimeter security on top of a per desktop charge. They have found it to be more cost effective to put more investment into the perimeter.


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Clarified Conclusion = Confusing

12/9/09: Clarified conclusion

In the end, I'm a network guy and I consider performance to be very important in product selection. So, if it were my job to select a UTM device to protect my organization's network from security threats, I'd pick the UTM10 over the Sonicwall TZ100W
OK, so I am confused here. This "clarified conclusion" indicates that you are picking a device based on performance - what kind of performance are you referring to?

In terms of networking performance, the UTM100W seems to thoroughly beat the UTM10. I've been over the UTM10 review a couple of times now and do not see how you could have come to this conclusion. Heck, even the Site-to-Site VPN performance seems to suffer on the UTM10. The only place where the UTM10 "wins" over the TZ100W in your review (in performance) is in SSL-VPN performance and it appears to have an ever-so-slight edge in standard VPN performance.

Am I missing something? (It certainly wouldn't be the first time for me. :) )

Upon further review and my decision to register and download that Tolly AV report, I am guessing that you mean "performance" in terms of the AV security performance that Tolly reported on. If that is your primary concern with regard to this review, then your comment does appear to make sense but I'd recommend that you tweak the language to make it clearer. I have to agree that if SonicWALL's overall UTM performance is as poor as that report shows, then I am truly disappointed in them. I've used SonicWALL devices a number of times over the years (both personally and professionally) and generally have found them to be among the easiest to configure (due to the GUI being fairly straight forward - when compared to Cisco's monolithic (but powerful) PIX and ASA devices) and their support has never been difficult to deal with -- so long as a current support contract is available.

In short: I am impressed by the UTM10 based on this review. It does seem to pack a price-to-security-performance benefit that goes above pretty much every competitive product out there. Between the WNDR3700 and now the UTM10 (since this is the order in which I've discovered the devices) - Netgear does seem to be positioning itself to be a power player in the SOHO market!
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The problem is the Tolly report does not test outside of the specified protocols. Nor does it test performance under load. Sonicwall inspect all traffic all of the time, typically other boxes do not scan outside of the standard ports. If they're using proxy ALG's then they also tend to be limited in file size and the number of concurrent sessions. So sure, they scored a 100%, but in a real world environment this number will drop significantly when not all traffic is scanned due to file size or exceeding the number of tcp sessions capable of being scanned.

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In your review of the SRX5308 you mention the noise level from the small fan.

Does the UTM10 also have an active fan or because of its reduced thoughput can it cope with passive cooling.

More and more these appliances are going into small businesses that do not have a dedicated server room so noise is becoming an important issue.



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VPN throughput tests

Were your VPN throughput tests for BOTH ways or just LAN to WAN?

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