Netscout Releases Android-Based Network Tester

Julio Urquidi

News Editor
Netscout’s ruggedized handheld LinkRunner G2 combines the features of a network tester with the flexibility of an Android device into one single package. It can test physical (copper and fiber) and wireless networking, check PoE , and run not only Android-based network testing apps from the Netscout app store, but can also use other apps to check email, update trouble tickets, and read documentation. The LinkRunner G2 also includes a camera, so images, as well as test data, can be forwarded to recipients and/or sent up to the SecureLinkLive cloud service for safe keeping.

LinkRunner G2’s Lithium ION battery can be charged either over PoE or AC adapter, and has a battery life of four hours under continuous use or three days while on standby.

The Netscout LinkRunner G2 is available online, either as an individual unit (~$2,560) or in bundled kits along with other accessories.

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