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Hey everyone. I am building a new home and am going to wire the network but need some help on equipment. I’m looking for recommendations on routers, switches and access points.
the house is a 4 level split. I will have all wiring to the rack in the sub-basement. Standard frame construction around 3000sqft. I will need a modem/router in that room to hook into the Google fiber. I don’t necessarily need it for WiFi since I want a couple of access points but either way is fine. I will need a 28 port switch or 2 16 ports. I want it to have PoE capabilities on at least half for the access points and some doorbells and cameras. Then I’d like to have 2 - 3 access points. The access points I’d like to have where you seamlessly switch between access points as you walk around the house.
cost is always a factor but I want to make sure I’m getting quality equipment as well.


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Without seeing a plan view sketch of the house floors........ and your proposed cable layout......and locations of a

help us and we can help you with some suggestions.

Have you found the multiple threads in the forums here about wiring for a new house and previous gear suggestions ?

regarding poe, you can also buy separate power injectors if you end up needing more ports. Length of cable from the poe port or injector can matter depending on the receiving device, particularly APs, and how much power budget is available from either the switch total budget or individual injector.

APs work well mounted to a ceiling or setting on a table depending on if you need the coverage to be sideways and down or sideways and up respectively. Wall mounting can be good to cover two floors at one end of a house or if you limit to 5GHz bands, just one or two rooms next to each other.

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