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amtm Network Service Filter (firewall), Diversion and Skynet

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First of all thank you for a hard work and support provided for users, really is on a differnet level.

My questions relates to how Network Service Filter (firewall), Diversion and Skynet all interact with each other.

My current set up is using the Network Service Filter (firewall) in whitelist mode, adding rules per ip on my LAN. I also have Diversion and Skynet running for add blocking. I understand that Skynet and Diversion work syncronisly, I guess both blacklists are actioned then next the whitelist are actioned resulting in a final set of rules. My questions are:

  1. How does Diversion and Skynet interact with the rules produced in Network Services Filter (NSF). Do Diversion and Skynet overule NSF. If NSF is blanked blocking everything and I add some whitelist to Diversion or Skynet, does the NSF have priortity and nothing on the Diversion/Skynet whitelist will get through.
  2. Is it possible to stop using NSF and set up Diversion/Skynet to blacklist all to start with then use custom whitelist, based on LAN ip and or ports? e.g allow all port 443 on LAN ip I know this can be done with Iptables. NSF get quite tedious due to only being able to set one rule per IP at a time. I generally want to allow a list of destination IP's for each LAN ip but NSF set up means I have to do this 1 at time for each destination IP.
  3. What is the blacklist syntax for block all and what is the whitelist syntax for rules per LAN IP.
  4. How to set up whitelists locally on LAN?
  5. If skynet can be used on IP addressea and domains, is there any reason to use Skynet AND Diversion or just run skynet for black and whitelists?
Many thanks
Skynet isn't really intended as an ad-blocker, it's a firewall filter somewhat similar to Network Service Filter.
Thanks. I guess that makes my questions regarding interaction with the NSF even more pertinent. Are you (anyone else) able to help any further in regard to the specifics around interaction and syntax? Many thanks and much appreciated.

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