network structure with AX58U, AC86U, AC68U, wireguard, TMobile 280mb/40mb internet, MQTT broker, ad blocker


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I am trying to restructure my network and looking for some advice/experience. Because of having a Tmobile gateway I use wireguard peer to peer for hosting outside my network through a VPS, most of that traffic is music and nextcloud service. LAN has around 30 devices on it, WLAN has around 60 devices on it.

I see that the AX58U may be getting wireguard in the GUI from merlin soon, I currently host wireguard with a VM on my home server. With this my thought is to purpose the devices in the manner below, but I am torn with the AX58 vs AX68 processing power as the gateway and a few other thoughts.

TMobile Gateway - single connection to Asus router WAN, not using onboard WiFi6. Speed is usually 280/40 measured at ASUS router, but 5% of time grabs new cell band and drops to 20/5 for a moment.
RT-AC86U - Internet Gateway and router, QOS, disabled WiFi, ad blocker.
RT-AX58U - main wireless AP, add wireguard peer to peer. Maybe make for only AX traffic.
2x RT-AC68U - use for other AP's, MQTT broker. Maybe make for only AC an N traffic.
Cisco 2960X - main 24 port switch
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