Networking GURU needed PLEASE HELP with bufferbloat

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New Around Here
I have an Asus rt-Ac5300 Comcast Xfinity 200mbs 25mbs with Merlin flex QoS and my bufferbloat still a C, on top of that after resetting my network settings on my G14 laptop now my computer Ethernet realtek port turn off is I use SLOBS and play call of duty at the same time ... What can I do to be able to make my bufferbloat go away and so my Ethernet port doesn't disconnect when streaming and gaming. I have a 9-1 huh from vacation purchased on Amazon since my laptop doesn't have a native Ethernet Port.

I can awnser anything I'd someone could shine in with some suggestions. @raion969 (amasingly smart dude) helped me set everything up and with QoS

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