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“new” (2 months old) Quad9 DNS protocol test

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Quad9 Protocol Test Now Available - proto.on.quad9.net​

You can now test on which protocol Quad9 received a DNS query. This is especially relevant after configuring encrypted DNS in a router, DNS forwarder, system settings, etc, where previously, the only way to confirm which protocol was being used was taking a packet capture on the device which was encrypting the DNS traffic. More information here:
Yes, there are plans to add this information to the on.quad9.net page in the near future.
Any questions, issues, etc, please contact



(This assumes the DNS settings on the system/network are set to use Quad9. The +https and +tls flags in these examples are used only to demonstrate the possible responses.)

$ dig +short +tls txt proto.on.quad9.net

$ dig +short +https txt proto.on.quad9.net

$ dig +short txt proto.on.quad9.net

$ doggo --short -t txt @sdns://AQMAAAAAAAAADDkuOS45Ljk6ODQ0MyBnyEe4yHWM0SAkVUO-dWdG3zTfHYTAC4xHA2jfgh2GPhkyLmRuc2NyeXB0LWNlcnQucXVhZDkubmV0 proto.on.quad9.net
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