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New AX58U with Merlin Firmware

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New Around Here
New to the forum and just need some general direction. I've been using a Netgear R7000 with DDWRT for the last 10 years but it finally died and I'm trying to learn new things! I can do the research but I don't know the correct terms to use to find things specific to the asuswrt and AX58U. So here's my current setup I'm trying to duplicate.

1. Multiple wireless networks (vlans) that all can communicate with each other but I can set different rules for each network.
2. I have an IoT network that I block internet access but it needs to talk to my wired NAS for Home Assistant.
3. I have a kids network that I need to have a rotating wifi password daily and also have the ability to set time schedules to block devices
4. I need all devices to be accessible from the NAS that is currently running a tailscale VPN to give me access back into the network when I'm away.

If anyone can help me with the search terms for these things or point me in the right direction, that would be awesome!
You will not be able to easily replicate all those functions on the AX58U.

1. VLANs are not nativity supported. It would require considerable bespoke scripting to do what you want.
2. This is possible.
3. Time schedules can be set per MAC address, not per network. Rotating passwords would have to be scripted.
4. See 1.

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