New AX88U whit AsusWrt-Merlin 384.19 - repeated restarts after several hours of work.

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Firstly Hello everyone and sorry for my English.
Few days ago I changed old RT-AC87U to RT-AX88U. By default, the Merlin software landed on the machine (for RT-N66U I use always Merlin).
I have local fiber internet 600/60 Mbps and recently, link is not working properly 400-500 max/60 Mpbs.
I tried to use spdMerlin script [(amtm->fd(sda SanDisk Ultra 32GB USB3.0 formated ext4)->64-bit Entware->SW (2 GB swap)->spdMerlin].
spdMerlin worked good about 36 hours (2 times per hour - 00 and 30 min with written results) and suddenly "boom" - problem. Memory has been freed from 98% to 50%, sudden wan restarts, "Addons" button disappeared and back. Pendrive all time status mounted.
I thought that probably something wrong with the flash drive - I don't like SanDisk :).
Uninstall all with amtm, formated jffs, restart and changed SanDisk Ultra 32 GB 3.0 to the Lexar 64 GB 3.0.
I reinstalled everything step by step according to hints in amtm - this time everything was good 10-12 hours and same problem again.
What did I do wrong - I don't know but it looks like the swap is breaking.
At this point I went back to the Asus version but I lost the ability to use spdMerlin and Diversion.


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You may want to follow the suggestions here.

#5 (
OK thanks i try it step by step, but hard reset whit plug off I had use since WRT54 GL with tomato firmware.

It worries me that for 3 days everything was working properly. Then there was a total disaster and It was again 12 hours later. Never before had a Merlin act like this on any of my routers. Either something happened or didn't happen until a few minutes after take-off. Could these problems be caused by the fact that I made the change from out of box (but with hard reset before) to Merlin 384.19 right away - probably different firmware?

On firmware Asus link reaches the correct parameters.
Screen Shot 12-01-20 at 07.24 PM.PNG


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When flashing to RMerlin firmware from stock Asus, it is recommended to do a full reset as suggested in the M&M Config guide. ;)


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Thank you - I did as you advised so far everything looks like fine. Only the network card in my laptop can turn off under load. I tested the cables, there is no problem on the second usb card.

edit :
I installed new toys in my laptops yesterday - Killer™ Wi-Fi 6 AX1650 :) - 600/60 Mbps my link - soon will be an upgrade to 1Gbp :) .

Screen Shot 12-04-20 at 09.37 AM.PNG
Screen Shot 12-04-20 at 01.23 AM.PNG

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