New devices cause internet to drop on RT-AC5300


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I have a RT-AC5300 router that will drop the internet connection when a new device enters the house. Not sure if it even has to be logged on the router network or if it happens when the device is searching for a wireless network.

For example, a new apple laptop would make the connection drop every time I switched from 5G to 2G or when it was restarted and logged back onto the router. This causes all hardwired and wireless devices to lose internet connection. It also happens when someone visits and logs their phone (Apple or Andriod) onto the router guest or main network, 5G or 2G. All devices still have a wireless signal, just no internet. Once I log into the router and switch the internet button off and back on, it restores and is fine, all devices including the new device have internet. If the person visits a week later the same thing will happen.

I have done a lot of google searches and cannot find a solve for this issue.

Any thoughts? TIA.


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