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While I was excited when ASUSWRT 2022 was initially announced, I was expecting that by the 3rd quarter 2022 most of asus high and middle range routers were compatible with the new firmware, sadly it is not case and the releases for new routers are going very slow.
I was eager to get the 2022 fw mostly to get access to wireguard client vpn, because openvpn is really slow, so I got bored waiting for that 2022 firmware and tried the gnouton version of asus-merlin (I have the tuf gaming ax5400) and while I was a rookie on that kind of text-only environment , I gave it a try with entware and wireguard manager and right now I have a stable wireguard vpn connection with my router.

Kudos for the snbforum community, especially @Martineau and @ZebMcKayhan for their help.

While I will change to asuswrt 2022 when I find out it is released, I don't have any more the obsession to have it as I had it before, thanks to wireguard manager.

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