Release New firmware to ASUS RT-AX92U -

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I upgraded but couldn't rebuild the AiMesh without hardwiring each node. 5Ghz speed has also collapsed. I'm going to play around with it tomorrow but I wish I hadn't jumped in :(


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The message at the end of the upgrade told me to manually reboot my main router (GT-AC5300). I didn't know what it was talking about so I tried to get in via the gateway to reboot it but couldn't. So I powered down and powered back up but still no access. Internet works fine, just can't get in the router again. I don't want to reset it again, I just did that last week. Any ideas?

edit: Gateway is the same IP. I am directly connected via ethernet.


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@jj351, you may need to reset it again. Next time just be more patient (and ignore what the GUI says which is now 'disconnected' from what the router is actually doing).


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I have a AX92U x 2 with AirMesh via ETH. Update to 41535 was seamless without any issue using WebUI. However, right after update noticed judder (periodic frame loss) with IPTV live TV broadcasts. No judder with streaming of previously recorded TV broadcasts (ISP provided service). Just with live shows being aired at the moment of watching. Did not do factory or NVRAM reset after or before firmware upgrade as 41535 changes were minor according to Asus. Tried playing around with some IPTV settings in WebUI, but was not able to solve the problem. Reverting back to 40451 solved it.


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I discover when i enable AiProtection on 41535 it cripple's speed. Back to 40451. Reported it to Asus.


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Out of curiosity where can I find this as I have 386 40451 and can't see anywhere to download 41535?..


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Thanks... I've read a few people having issues so I'll keep an eye on things for now and hang fire.

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