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New house Inc small office switch

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I am in the middle of a big house renovation which includes a full rewire and addition of a wired network.

I am looking at putting in a 48 port switch as current prediction is I need arrange 22 ports.

All ports are mainly going to used for PCs(in the house office and bedrooms) but some will need to be POE to power IP CCTV cameras typically hikvisions. Don't need a thing fancy, I see this sat in a small wall rack with an associated patch panel.

I was looking at a used Dell PowerConnect 7048P as its fully POE but as its older was wondering if its POE capability was up to the task?

Other option is to just have POE in tbe loft where the cameras will be fed from a dedicated switch. Not sure what the best set up here would be?
if the switch is in an area that does not tolerate fan noise, i would split the function keeping the large switch fanless and move the POE application to the loft switch or possibly multiple switches or individual power injectors for the cameras so that the whole operation is fanless and quiet. Shorter distance for POE is always preferred but maybe not required as it depends on the distance, cable losses, and device requirement.
Not sure why you are going to use a 48 port? Are you planning to run a lot of servers and things or just a basic setup? Are you planning on a wiring closet with cooling? The 48 port switches generate more heat. I doubt you can find one without fans. How many watts of POE power and what level of POE power do you need?

I would make sure you use good CAT cable since it is going in the walls and it will be hard to replace. And that means pure copper the right diameter. AT&T will have good cable. I have used a lot of it in the past.
Thanks guys, I can see maybe 6 CCTV cameras being powered from the POE. I have an 8 port POE switch currently in my present house. So I think the idea of putting that in the loft probably works best.
The main switch is just a hub where the rest of the network cables come back to in the home office. This is the ground floor, upstairs is a mirror of rooms, with a network port in each. The green triangles are proposed netowrk ports with the number next to it. Rack I think lower left in the pink circle on the wall inside the home office.
Your SO is going to hate seeing it out in the open with all the wires, most likely.

Suggest a closet, maybe 2x3 ft ( or slightly larger if you want to add a standalone equipment rack with at least passive vents ( can be disguised as a wide HVAC louver at the top ) and equal opening area under/through the door above carpet or in a side wall with minimum grade filter to keep most of the dust/pet hair/etc out. Provide power outlet inside upper, in case you need add an 8 inch DC low speed PC case fan to move additional air out at the top vent. Power strips mounted on side wall for each shelf or two. Make sure you have at least 4 duplex outlets , two on each side on either 1 -20 Amp breaker or 2 -15 amp breakers dedicated to the room.

i used adjustable shelving bracket strips on back wall with heavy bracket support arms and heavy wire shelves from Lowes or Home Depot cut to fit. Works a treat. Large UPS on the floor shelf (4 inches off floor for vacuuming dust), router, modem, switches, patch panel, MOCA modems, TV tuner box, small NAS/server all sitting on the wire shelves. Temperature rise is about 10 F bottom to top, no fan running. All of the house coax and phone wiring terminates here. This was done just before wiring houses with CAT5e was becoming standard so i have a star topology with RG6 coax to each room.

Also hides visibility through the windows. There are structured wire termination wall enclosures that you can use for all the wiring. Can be pricey though. They do keep it clean looking and easier to work with after install.

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